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Professional Teeth Whitening in Spalding and Surrounding Areas

If you’re concerned about stained or yellowing teeth, you’ve come to the right place. The Lawns can offer patients in Long Sutton, Spalding and surrounding areas a range of prescription teeth whitening treatments that are proven to work. We offer the renowned White Dental Beauty™ in-surgery treatment, which achieves rapid results in under two weeks, along with the Poladay™ and Polanight™ systems, which you can carry out at home at a time that best suits you. Safe and effective, professional teeth whitening can brighten your smile by up to eight shades.

How it works

The dentist will apply a concentrated bleaching gel to the teeth, which is then cured under a high-tech light for around 15 minutes. This procedure is repeated three times during a single appointment. Though you will see instant results, in most cases your dentist will recommend following the treatment with a home whitening system.

Poladay and Polanight

If you can spare a couple of weeks to get your teeth whitened, the Poladay and Polanight home whitening systems offer a range of options to fit in with your lifestyle and schedule.

How it works

Your dentist will first assess your teeth and discuss the best option for you – Poladay and Polanight encompass a number of choices that take into consideration the strength of bleach you require and the time you have available to wear the trays. You’ll need to sit for dental impressions, which are used by a dental lab to create bespoke bleaching trays that sit over your teeth perfectly, rather like a high-tech sports guard. When the trays are ready, you’ll be given a prescription set of bleaching gel syringes, which you’ll use to accurately fill up your tray. After around two weeks, your whitening course will be complete and you’ll be able to enjoy your sparkling new smile!

Questions & Answers

Am I suitable for teeth whitening?

Your teeth must be in good health before you consider whitening. If your teeth discolouration is caused by extrinsic factors such as staining from food, drink and smoking, then it’s likely that whitening will be right for you. Very deep-set stains, however, may not respond to bleaching, and in these cases the dentist may recommend alternative options, such as veneers or crowns.

How white can I expect my teeth to become?

It really depends on how stained your teeth are in the first instance, and what your aspirations are in terms of whiteness – often this comes down to personal choice. Your dentist will make sure you understand how many shades whiter you can realistically expect your teeth to change, and will only recommend teeth whitening if you are deemed a suitable candidate.

Does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

Dull, temporary sensitivity is a common, but not inevitable, side-effect of whitening. The products themselves are designed to limit sensitivity, and you can aid this by brushing with sensitive toothpaste before and after treatment. If sensitivity becomes a problem, stop the treatment and ask your dentist for a different prescription of bleaching gel. There is plenty of flexibility of dosage and treatment times, and it is likely you fill find the right one for you.

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