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Denture Repairs

There are lots of reasons why dentures sometimes break – they can fracture from being dropped or squashed; plus, forceful biting or grinding can also create cracks and breakages. Sometimes it’s the base that bears the brunt of a breakage, and sometimes it’s the teeth themselves. Either way, contact The Lawns as soon as you can to get your denture assessed and repaired – and don’t be tempted to glue your denture back together! Glue should never be put in the mouth, and a glued denture makes the repair process more difficult.

Denture relines

Dentures often need relining to ensure that they continue to fit comfortably against your gums. When you have missing teeth, over time your bone tissue undergoes a process called resorption, which causes the surrounding gum tissue to change density and shape. When this happens, a denture reline can help restore maximum comfort for the wearer.

Denture Additions

If you wear a partial denture and need to have a further tooth added following an extraction, in most cases this is a straightforward procedure though there are lots of options to consider that will depend on your individual case. Your dentist at The Lawns will make sure you get the best treatment for your needs.

Questions & Answers

What does the repair process involve?

Whether you’ve damaged the base or the teeth of your denture, you’ll need to make an appointment at The Lawns to have the breakage assessed. Dentures have to be repaired at a dental laboratory, so you will need to prepare for being without your denture for a day or two.

Will I have to sit for dental impressions?

For straightforward repairs, your dentist may be able to write a prescription for the laboratory and send your denture straight away. More complicated problems will require you to sit for dental impressions, which are sent to the lab for its engineers to piece your denture back together accurately.

What happens next?

When your repaired denture is returned to The Lawns, you’ll need to return to us for a fitting, to make sure it feels comfortable.

What is standard or hard reline?

Standard or hard relines involve rebuilding the hard acrylic material of your denture base. In most cases the procedure will require you to sit for dental impressions, which are sent to a dental laboratory for an accurate reshaping of your denture.

What is a soft reline?

Soft relines involve using a liquid polymer that effectively cushions your denture. It can be carried out by your dentist and is a quick procedure. However because of its soft, porous nature, a soft reline is less durable and more prone to attracting food and bacteria than hard dentures. Special cleaning is required for soft relines, and they are generally only recommended for patients recovering from recent surgery, those with a very sensitive jaw, or elderly patients with thin gum surfaces.

Why not just get a new set of dentures?

New isn’t always better when it comes dentures, and the older you get, the harder it is to adjust and control new dentures. Your dentist at The Lawns will be able to give you an objective opinion on whether you need to consider a new set of dentures.

What are my options following a rear tooth extraction?

In many cases the best solution is to wait 3-6 months for the redundant bone to shrink – this is a natural process, and once it has taken place you’ll be in a good position to make a permanent addition to your existing denture with less risk of major changes to the shape of your jaw.

What are my options if I have to have a front tooth extracted?

Missing front teeth are much more of a visual problem than missing rear teeth – and this situation may call for an immediate tooth addition. This will require you to sit for dental impressions before the tooth is extracted so that the dental lab can prepare your new denture, ready to be fitted immediately following the extraction. Another option is to wait around two weeks following your extraction before having your newly enhanced denture fitted – though you may need to have the denture relined within a few months as your jaw adjusts to the space created by the extraction. Your dentist at The Lawns will discuss all the options with you fully and help you choose the best solution for your needs.

What if I choose to do nothing?

Even if your missing tooth is not visible and not bothering you, it is advisable to book a consultation at The Lawns. Gradual jaw shrinkage caused by missing teeth can have a premature ageing effect, as well as cause future dental problems that affect your healthy teeth.

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