The restoration of this broken molar tooth with gums growing into the tooth cavity was made possible using our Litetouch laser and Cerec CAD CAM crown design and manufacture. Technologies such as these allow us to deliver same day restorations with the benefits of:

1. Minimum discomfort as our lasers cut and seal nerve endings
2. Minimum or no bleeding as our lasers cut and seal blood vessels
3. No messy impressions so less chance of gagging
4. Our 3D scanner and milling machine deliver impressive crown margin fit, four times more accurate than human hands
5. No multiple visits thus saving time off work (front teeth may require more than one visit due to high aesthetic needs)
6. Workflow completed with one injection instead of multiple visits and injections is possible in most cases
7. No frustrating lost temporary crowns or veneers
8. These fantastic technologies allow us to save some teeth that would otherwise be un-restorable (some teeth may still be beyond repair by any means – your dentist will advise)

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