The Lawns Dental Practice is proud to offer our patients the added benefits of the smart technology of dental lasers.

We use the world’s smallest erbium YAG hard and soft tissue laser LiteTouch™ to careful sculpt dental tissues in a minimally invasive way.

With dental lasers your dentist can offer minimally invasive management of common dental  conditions including;

  • hard tissue surgery to remove tooth decay without the vibration of the slow dental drill,
  • soft-tissue surgery to remove moles and treat painful ulcers,
  • treatment of peri-implantitis (persistent inflammatory response around implants),
  • desensitisation of exposed dentine on tooth surfaces,
  • periodontal (gum) pocket cleaning and disinfection,
  • treatment of bleeding gums,
  • root canal disinfection (dental lasers reach the parts of your root canals where antibiotics cannot reach) and
  • teeth whitening and much more.

To benefit from this uniquely minimally invasive smart dental laser technology at affordable prices call us on 01406363230 or book online.